Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Cop even Hollywood couldn't invent...

Rogues Blog #12:
Meet Cloyd Steiger - Homicide Detective with Seattle PD, a 31-year vet of the department and former "SWAT Dog" who rides a big Harley Hog (for leisure) and packs a Glock Model 22 that fires a .40 caliber round. He spent 2-1/2 hours with me on Friday! What a character! Put a white beard and red suit on him and he could be Santa Claus, with a laugh as big as Puget Sound and stories to match. Here's one: he arrested a bad guy suspected of shooting his neighbor in the head. The goof denied it, of course, but as Detective Steiger checked out his car he found a chunk of the victim's brain on the back seat. "Lucy," he said to the bad guy, "You've got some 'splainin' to do." Cloyd and his fellow detectives celebrate each collar with a round of Eagles Rare Single Barrel Kentucky Whiskey, what they call the "Bourbon of Proof." Cloyd's job, as he describes it, "is selling time shares at Walla Walla" (and other WA prisons), which means "getting somebody to tell me something he doesn't want to tell me voluntarily." He's one of the best in the business and will play a central role in the wild, climactic shootout at North Beach in "Rogues."
Detective Cloyd Steiger

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  1. Lol, That is my Uncle Cloyd. He is a character! You should hear some of the stories he comes up with at family gatherings!